Dayspring sermon series logo design
Sounds Good To Me
Dayspring sermon series logo design
The Whatever Project Groundbreaking Flyer
Dayspring was building a new facility. This bulletin insert gives information for the groundbreaking ceremony.
The church leaders wanted members of all ages to participate and to use whatever digging device that they could find, shovel, trowel, spoon, etc. The background texture comes from the blueprint for the new facility.
Dayspring Community Garden Labels
Dayspring had a community garden where they welcomed members to come out and enjoy the process of gardening.
These colorful garden stakes were used to label the rows as well as be a source of encouragement with the bible verses that referred to planting and harvesting.
Decorate David Entry
For the annual creative arts team meeting, David Foster, Dayspring's creative arts pastor, challenged team members to come up with a unique way to decorate his face. He e-mailed his head image to everyone on the team and they submitted their entries at the meeting. I used clip art images and a photograph of a flower from my garden for this Russian czar submission.
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