Reflections from Shepherd's Gate Farm
Encourage Publishing​​​​​​​
Inspiration from the Greek New Testament
Hendrickson Academic
How the Bible is Written
Hendrickson Publishing Group
Redeeming Ruth
Hendrickson Publishing Group
Catching Ricebirds
Hendrickson Publishing Group

The message contained in this powerful autobiography required a sensitive touch. This cover design evolved from the initial idea of showing a split-screen image of the author containing AK-47s and the destruction of war contrasted with the journey of peace and reconciliation that he has experienced through forgiveness and God’s redemptive power. The end result refines this transformation by showing the emergence of the author from a dark-filled space to light with a resolute expression on his face. I directed the photographer towards the lighting of the shoot and to position the camera below the author’s chin to contribute to the suggestion of his strength through Christ. Cover photograph by Shannon Lankford.
A bright yellow village weaver is used on the spine and the yellow color is repeated in the title.
This bird played a role in the childhood memories of the author and in the book as a metaphor for the continued healing of the people of Liberia.
We Choose Life
Hendrickson Publishing Group

Instead of focusing on the terrible tragedy of abortion, the cover of We Choose Life reaches out to the target audience by featuring the positive result of choosing life. Bright colors, the movement and expression of the young boy, and the Gioviale typeface support this directive. Point-of-view perspective is used to engage the reader, drawing them into these authentic stories.
Cover photo Artykov.
Running the Race of Faith
Concordia Publishing House

For this teenage devotional journal I chose bright, contemporary, racing stripes and colors. The icons indicate, in a non-traditional way, the life marathon that the teens are running.
The Misadventures of Willie Plummet
Concordia Publishing House  —  Cover illustrations by John Ward
Teaching Resources and Consumer Book Covers
Concordia Publishing House ​​​​​​​
Fold and Do
Concordia Publishing House  —  Cover illustrations by Richard M. Heroldt
150 Psalms for Teens
Concordia Publishing House

This book contains a paraphrase of all 150 psalms in a style and tone teens will resonate with. The movement of the cover image suggests the emotional roller coaster that teens can experience in their daily lives. In the midst of all that is the consistency of God's love indicated by the two straight lines running through the design.
God Words
Concordia Publishing House

This book is a collection of essays that share the elementary truths of God's Word. The text encourages the reader to build upon their knowledge and understanding of God. I looked for classic Christian woodcut imagery that when stacked as building blocks represented these truths. Published in 2004.
Front-Page Preaching
Concordia Publishing House

The sermons in this book address 12 contemporary issues that play a significant role in reflecting and shaping core values of society. I collaged pieces of both good and bad headlines from the current events at that time into the design.
The Great Jesus Debates
Concordia Publishing House
Cover Photo © Design Pics Inc. / Alamy
No Ordinary Men
Concordia Publishing House

​​​​​​​This book draws lessons of godly wisdom from the male characters in The Wizard of Oz. Rather than show the characters in their entirety on the cover, I directed the illustrator towards a design of hands and paw that would be instantly recognizable as the characters and convey the idea of incorporating those roles into a godly life.
Cover illustration by Patrick Whelan.
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